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13 September 2018
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we are not all cramped. Why the hell not. Shes up to over 22k but according to a recent Periscope, a malicious group of people have informed GoFundMe that her private video promised to donors of 100 is, in fact, going to be porn. As for her temporary beef with GoFundMe?

From tuition expenses to sites marijuana photography books, here are several notable gay porn star crowdsourcing campaigns, ranked in order from least successful to most successful. But the new bed isnt just for fun and games: Stevens says he suffers from sleep apnea, sites a medical condition that causes a person to occasionally stop breathing while they sleep. Joey.s college tuition: 325. Colby Kellers cross country fuckfest: 45,385. I hope we were able to disprove to them that I am not doing porn or sending porn as a reward system as that was one of their concerns, she writes in an update to her GoFundMe page. Jamie Sanders dance school: 4,655.

GoFundMe : The most trusted free online fundraising platform.Porn, dude reviews the best porn sites of 2019.GoFundMe technically forbids anyone to establish or contribute to any Campaign.

GoFundMe : #1 In Free Fundraising Crowdfunding Online

Maddie's 'fresh start' in Achille was more than unfortunate-it grew dangerous when a local parent, Jamie Crenshaw, notified the private Facebook group 'Achille ISD Parents Group' that Maddie had used the girls' bathroom that day, posting, "Heads up parents of 5th thru 7th grade girls. The familys current apartment is not handicap accessible. Because of his plea, he is being forced to give up his New York City taxi medallions, which have shrunk in value as Uber and Lyft shake the industry. In the hospital, instead of saying I cant do it, we hear Nora say, "Trying, its not working. "Who does the lawyer and client feel grateful to?" Levinson said. By Tuesday she was mostly well, but complained that her leg "felt funny." On Wednesday night, she awoke, unable to walk, her left leg paralyzed. And Tailgater Cab Corp. Would be such an amazing blessing to be honest. Y'all have great kids and a lil half baked maggot is causing them probs.

Johnny.s family debt: 625.

Another user managed to raise more than 5,000 for an unofficial rap album dedicated to the cult television series Doctor Who and a cuisine enthusiast somehow raised close to 50,000 to get his line of sword-infused simmer pans funded (although its been months and people are. You guys all know that I like to party and everyone wants to sleep in my bed, he wrote on a GoFundMe campaign for the bed. Mickey Taylors trip to New York: 635/1,019. I want to thank everyone and apologize for anyone that has been upset for GoFundMe freezing the funds. GoFundMe technically forbids anyone to establish or contribute to any Campaign with the implicit or express purpose relating to pornography or other sexual content but nothing in her page says porn except the part about her having done porn. The give-a-porn-star-a-bed crowdfunding campaign is unusual as far as crowdfunding ideas go, but its not the weirdest thing to find an audience willing to part with its cash. I liked the idea of the Gofundme because its very transparent and I can do cool things like give everyone mass updates all at once and we can see the progress weve made etc.

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(By the way, if youre reading this and you feel the sudden urge to part with your cash, the author of this post accepts.. For his 25th birthday, Stevens asked his fans for one simple request: Help him raise enough cash to buy a king-sized Tempur-Pedic bed.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search. Phoenix Rising, scared Stiff, secrets Lies, naked Sword. The program I need to recover is beyond my financial capabilities and I need to get help before it is too late again. If you or someone you know needs help call Lifeline. Seedrs was the first equity crowdfunding platform to receive regulatory approval from a financial regulator the. Honey Gold, 25, tweeted on Saturday that she was struggling with my mental health and trying to deal with the trauma caused by things that have happened in my past. Ames death came in the wake of a very public online bullying campaign that began after the porn superstar tweeted, Whichever (lady) performer is replacing me tomorrow for @EroticaXNew, youre shooting with a guy who has shot gay porn, just to let cha know. Hart, the Slutty Professor, the Chosen Few. Most girls dont shoot with guys who have shot gay porn, for safety. If you are a fan of hers, please check out her page. So far, more than US21,000 has been raised and, on Tuesday, Gold was admitted to a 30-day treatment facility after fellow performers Ryan Conner and Donny Sins put up US21,500 of their own money while the campaign runs its course. The Guardian ; 2 "The Best Crowdfunding Platform 2017" by Shares Magazine; 4 "Alternative Funding Platform of the Year 2017 according to British Small Business Awards; 5 and is the most active funder of UK private businesses, according to independent data platform Beauhurst. Shes performed in more than 100 scenes and was nominated for the Best New Starlet award at the 2018 Adult Video News Awards the so-called Oscars of porn. Gold has been working in porn for only a couple of years but has racked up a number of notable accomplishments in her short career.

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